it is so quiet in my heart

it is so quiet in my heart that 
i thought your silence would move through me without taking flesh.

it is so dark in the once sweet night 
without you 
that bleak stars hide the ancient moon

we sat once on a  butte 
you and i
looking west 
searching the hills for smoke
from the glow of campfires 
where hippies made love in tents
and the smell of their cleaned curls
sapped the pungent canvass sweet

i lived other lives fully that night,
my Kali years coming and going 
as tiny souls bringing crumbs
to lay before Siddhattha's hands

(breath pause breath)  

you taught me to live outside time
because you do
and as i dropped to the water 
your skilled hands held
one patch of my skin
so tightly and sweetly 
that briefly
my body was strong against the river

but your heart is still stretched raw,
your sorrow still struck by secret chanting,
and nothing i sing or bring to our tent
is fire enough for simple calm 

i want you in moments
but even your silence is too much song.

copyright 2011 Kali Star